Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is signed jointly by AlgoBuy Technology Co., Ltd. (our company) and individuals or companies registered on the website ("partner") who have explicitly accepted these terms and conditions.

Information security

We adopt technical and organizational measures to protect our website and other systems from loss, damage, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure of user information. Your account is accessible only after you have entered your personal password correctly. Information such as your account and password is stored on the server using a strict encryption algorithm to ensure that your information is not abused in extreme cases. You should always keep your access information strictly confidential, and every time you use up our website, you exit login, then close the browser window, especially when you share a computer with others.

General privacy policy statement (Overview)

AlgoBuy attaches great importance to user information security, data protection and data security. Permanent protection of the security and confidentiality of your personal data (such as name, username, identity information, email address and phone number, account login information) is essential to us.

1. collection of personal information of AlgoBuy users

In principle, you don't need to tell us any personal information about you (such as your name, identity, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) unless you volunteer to provide this information to us (e.g. by e-mail or when filling in a registration form or contact form). When you sign up for an AlgoBuy account, subscribe to a newsletter service, or want to use additional services provided by our website, we will ask you to provide relevant personal information. Unless otherwise specified, we will use the information collected to provide, maintain, protect and improve the site and services to bring you a better user experience, subject to the relevant laws and regulations or in accordance with the privacy policy. When you sign up for an AlgoBuy account, subscribe to a newsletter service, or want to use the additional services provided by our website, we collect the following information: name, username, password, date of birth, email address, country, phone number.

2. in principle, your personal information is invisible to other users.

3.3. when you subscribe to newsletter service, we will according to your permission to use your email address to your mailbox to send news information and marketing information (to provide or promote our services), until you cancel the subscription of the short message service. You can cancel your subscription to the SMS service at any time by revoking AlgoBuy's license to send future SMS messages. If you no longer want to accept any newsletter service, you can find the corresponding link at the end of each newsletter and click Cancel.

User rights

As a user, you have the right to request us to provide information about your personal information. In addition, in accordance with the relevant laws, you have the right to modify, prevent and delete your personal information. Moreover, each user can refuse his or her information to be used as an advertising or market / public opinion poll.

User information usage and transmission

1. we will only use the information you provide to us for the legitimate business purpose of this website. We do not provide any information to any third party.

2. In exceptional circumstances, AlgoBuy has a legal obligation to provide your information to third parties. For example, in order to cooperate with government supervisory authorities and law enforcement agencies in fulfilling court orders or court requests, AlgoBuy will provide relevant information as evidence or evidence to safeguard AlgoBuy's rights and property.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

1. The laws and regulations of the place of incorporation of AlgoBuy shall regulate this Privacy Policy and the disputes arising between the parties to this privacy policy unless there is a law specifying the application of other jurisdictional laws.

2. Each Contracting Party shall bear the expenses and expenses of its attorney in any civil or other proceedings in which the Contracting Party seeks to realize its rights under this Privacy Policy, or seeks to declare any rights or obligations under this Privacy Policy. The parties agree to exclusive jurisdiction and court jurisdiction.

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