What's the relationships between AlgoBuy and custodial banks or brokers?

AlgoBuy is a pure third-party providing software and strategies,directly copying and synchronizing trading signals to your accounts(now MT4 type account supported only) through our developed interface.We have no direct contact to your custodial banks or brokers,where you create your accounts and deposit your money.We can only provide automatic trading signals to your account.No access available for us to withdraw, deposit or change password, insuring your account safe.

How to charge if trading strategies are used?

Free for demo accounts. True accounts need to be opened through our cooperative parties' link, different parties has their own deposit requirement. Please click the icons of cooperative parties in home page and check the details carefully. If deposit meets requirement, all strategies are free uesd. Open your account here: https://www.algobuy.com/Deposit.aspx
Institutional investors and potential VIP customers, please directly contact us for further negotiation without hesitation.

How to register to be our member?

Chinese version only support mobile phone number to register, or you can register through e-mail in English version.
The process of register just contains the steps of confirming your mobile phone number or e-mail address, without collecting other information.1 minute is enough!

How to open a true trading account?

If you do not have a real trading account yet, please contact us for the best solution.
If you are looking for further cooperation, such as VIP service, please contact us.

About demo account keywords

After your successful register on AlgoBuy, you are able to apply for demo account,that has nothing different from true account except for visual money.
AlgoBuy only support the demo account applied from your settings.The demo account takes the advantage of the servers of a popular platform. And to preserve the secrecy of our trading strategies,servers and keywords of demo account are not supplied.
If you have to check trading records on MT4, a true trading account needs to be applied for.

Conditions of using strategies on AlgoBuy?

Demo account: 1 Register to be our member. 2 Apply for demo account in your settings.
True account: 1 Register to be our member. 2 Create true account and deposited money over required amount. 3 Contact us to activate your binding

Why not indicating profit ratio but the amount of profit or loss?

For margin trading,profit ratio is very attractive and easily lure people to gamble.AlgoBuy believes in long-run permanent earning,showing the total risk and earning power of strategies by fixed lots.You should define your risk level and earning expectation, then set your lots according to the amount of money in your account and your own true risk tolerance.

How many strategies can be uesd together?

No limitation for both demo and true accounts,you can combine any strategies into a portfolio.
Suggestion: Please don't make your portfolio into "high risk" shown on your strategy setting page, otherwise you will lose your trading account!
If your true account isn't activated yet,but money has been depositted into,please contact us to check and activate for you.

What is the platform where the strategies are running?

AlgoBuy strategies' trading performance contain history back-test records and at least 3 years true trading records.
Strategies are running on a popular broker's platform,providing competitive trading speed and cost.So if your trading cost is high, performance is relatively bad.

What's the effect if adding or deleting a strategy?

All strategies are allowed to be added or deleted.Deleting a strategy doesn't cause closing any of its positions at the same time,but as usual by its algorithm. Deleting a strategy just means that it won't open new positions until you add it again.
Please be patient, a new added strategy won't open its new positions until its algorithm triger the open signal.And a new added strategy won't open its existing positions that are opened 5 minites ago for you, just wait for the next new one.

Strategy ratio and margin calculation

Every strategy has set standard trading lots,just input your strategy ratio according to your risk level. When strategy ratio is set,expected annual return and history max risk(in absolute dollar amount,not ratio) are shown automatically. We sincerely suggest that the max risk of a single strategy should not over 20% of your margin.
The lots of most of strategies are set as 0.1,so your setting strategy ratio should not less than 0.1,that is to say every trade should not less the lots of 0.01(0.1×0.1).

Drawdown risk of strategies

The max risk of every strategy in history is the bigger one between history-data backtest and historical true trading records.But the max risk still has possiblities to become larger in future,so you should refer to max drawdown in the past to keep your safety enough.Our risk ranking mathod for portfolio is innovative and reliable,please don't construct your portfolio into "high risk".