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The website has taken prudent measures to verify the information, but it does not guarantee that all the information contained is accurate. Please understand that our information may be incomplete, omission or lagging. Neither the Website nor the independent information provider shall be liable for any action taken by reason of misinformation, incompleteness, delay, inaccuracy or reliance on the information of the Website. All forecasts or opinions (e.g. strategic expected earnings and maximum risk forecasts) and trading activities based on these forecasts represent only mathematical research data on quantitative models and do not represent the position of this website. You must conduct independent analysis to make investment judgments, and be aware that investing in content-based judgments can result in actual profits or losses. Based on the trading strategies and signals provided by this website, the investment behavior you make by using the Personal Configuration Trading System is the result of your own decision, and you have to take all the risks on your own.

This site clearly shows that trading in foreign exchange, spread contracts, derivatives and other financial instruments not only brings benefits, but also considerable risks. The model and account matching software of this website only applies to followers who have a certain understanding of high-risk investments. You can use idle funds to invest and not to affect daily expenses. The performance of any trading strategy in the past can not represent its future performance. Generally, the future exchange rate changes are unpredictable, which means that any automatic trading system can not guarantee any form of forecast may produce profits, so the investment forecast must be judged by their own analysis, do not follow blindly.

All financial product trading instructions generated by the user using the Personal Configuration Trading System are deemed to be authorized to execute. You must understand and agree to the information provided on the basis of AlgoBuy, and you are responsible for all the risks associated with using the Personal Configuration Trading System and the Model Matching System. This website is not responsible for the instructions of the trading system. You should bear all consequences arising from the use of personal configuration transaction procedures. This website will not be responsible for your losses, nor will it be responsible for the costs and expenses incurred as a result of your use of personal system transactions.

Neither AlgoBuy nor any partner on this site can guarantee that you will be profitable by investing in information provided by AlgoBuy and using a personal configuration trading system. In addition, AlgoBuy, as the developer of the model signal matching software system, will not be liable for any customer loss due to delays or negligence by a third party, such as a provider company or a partner broker. In addition to the above, AlgoBuy clearly indicates no responsibility for quantified model policies and transaction signals.

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